For any writing, editing or design project, Victor will listen closely to what you need and want, take the lead and help you shine.

“What project do you have with which I can help?”

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Victor Rivero is a respected editor and writer as well as a publications and marketing consultant specializing in education and technology.

He has toured the country with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; he’s written for Intel, Dell, AMD, Microsoft, Gateway, American School Board JournalGovernment Technology, Scholastic, ConvergeDistrict AdministrationInternet@Schools and many others.

He has arranged, conducted or published interviews with leading scientists, visionaries, governors, congressional leaders, technology executives, superintendents, principals, teachers and students–and he is comfortable interviewing anyone.

As an editor, he has been on teams creating award-winning publications. He can assist you in meeting your editorial and promotional needs and wants in any area.


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